There's no rational reason to give me money!

Es gibt keinen vernüftigen Grund mir Geld zu geben!

Il n'y a pas vraiment de raison de me donner de l'argent!

Der er ingen reel grund til at give mig penge!

Существует никакой рациональной причины, чтобы дать мне денег


Till now everything ran according to plan in my life. I'm a 33 years old man, a husband in love and a father of two little daughters. I work conscientiously with a lot of passion so I never had the time for my family I should have had. I got enough money to live a normal and average life in todays sophisticated world. This sounds boring, doesn't it?

One morning where i was still half asleep a crazy idea lodged into my brain: I would like to ask you as my unknown hero "Please help to make me rich!". You've just to resist smoking maybe three cigarettes or abstain from nibbling at a bar of chocolate and donate the money. Please help me to reach my goal - I need you! I know there are million reasons against donating the money and keep it for your own pleasure - but I hope being boring and reasonable is not your strongest skill.

Thanks to everyone for donating and/or all people who helps to spread these words around the world. I need you to cheer on this social experiment to make my fairy-tale comes true. It's all about a guy who's getting rich in a cold and rational world just through the help of unknown heroes like you...

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thanks ❤ SPREAD THE WORD ❤ thanks

I rely and would be grateful to receive support and cooperation from any place or person who is able and willing to help me to spread my words around the world. Thanks for adding a link to your website or youtube channel or leaving a message in your favorite blog, forum or community group. I will backlink the top 5 active links on my page to say 'thank you!'

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thank you ❤ HOW I SPENT THE MONEY ❤ thank you

Woke up early, swallowed my first coffee being still half asleep, haggled with my wife about getting time to turn a stupid idea into a new website. I've survived the usual discussion about responsibility and started to code this website; plus bought the domain

100 USD

I'll start to show you the total amount of collected money and I'll give you a daily overview of site access statistics (Google Earth). Still far away from being called 'a rich guy' but it seems I'm on the right track.

1,000 USD

It's time to give you more information about my life and you'll get to know the person behind this project. Maybe its a surprise for you :) I'll put a photo on my website and some very personal impressions about me. There is still a long road ahead...

10,000 USD

Amazing what you can conjure up with the support of a strong community - 10,000 USD. I'll start to create a youtube channel and give you a daily summary about how things develop. Time to pay back: I'll draw two random users of all Google or Facebook page likes. The winners will receive a 250 USD donation. Sounds quite nice, doesn't it?

100,000 USD

It's time to pack up my bags to take a dreamlike journey across the world with my family. You help me to choose the destinations of my journey and I'll give you a daily update (video diary). Maybe we can set up a meeting where I can shake your hands and say thank you. This will be a part of my journey (that's sounds exciting to me).

500,000 USD

Do you know these arrogant and selfish people driving in their muscle cars with a shiny and happy smile? I want to do it the same way right now! I'll start a vote and you can help me to select an impressive masculine car. I do my best to make a arrogant and selfish city tour with this car - all will be taped on video and uploaded to youtube. I've to practise to be more arrogant...maybe I should start tomorrow...

1,000,000 USD

Oh my god it's time to buy an impressive property in a top location. I'll collect some offers and you help me to find the right one for me and my family. I'll do my best to collect all Facebook and Google users who liked my website in the past. I'll make a big printout of your names (you'll get the chance to remove your name from this list) and put it on the wall of my new house. Today I think about putting a big sign with the letters "THANKS UNKNOWN HERO FOR THIS FUNKY LIFE!" above my door. Again time to pay back: I'll draw two random users of all Google or Facebook page likes. The winners will receive a 25,000 USD donation.

5,000,000 USD

That's what I want to achieve, with your help and your irrational and crazy donations. I'll do something really amazing - today it's quite to far away to think about it...maybe you can help me later to set up this goal (e.g. a really big donation to a good cause). Now it's time for me to be an unknown hero for someone else who's waiting for a while that his/her fairy-tale comes true...